Join the International Relations Exchange Program at Uninter

Are you passionate about understanding global dynamics, international policy, and diplomacy? Uninter invites students from universities around the world to participate in our esteemed International Relations Exchange Program.

Why Choose Uninter for Your Exchange Program?

At Uninter, we provide a robust International Relations program, designed to prepare you for a successful career in international affairs. Our program is structured around key lines of research, ensuring a well-rounded education in the following areas:

  • International Policy
  • Migration
  • International Cooperation
  • International Law
  • Human Rights
  • Regional Studies
  • International Relations Theory
  • Foreign Trade
  • Diplomacy


Our curriculum is meticulously designed to cover a wide range of topics that are crucial for a deep understanding of international relations.

First Semester:

  • Contemporary International Relations
  • Spelling, Reading, and Writing Workshop
  • History of Mexican Diplomacy
  • Investigation Methodology
  • Computing
  • Foreign Language I

Second Semester:

  • Economy
  • Introduction to Law
  • Oral and Written Expression Workshop
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • International Policy
  • Foreign Language II

Third Semester:

  • Diplomacy and International Protocol Workshop
  • Theory of International Relations I
  • Constitutional Law
  • Economic and Social Development of Mexico
  • International Economy
  • Foreign Language III

Fourth Semester:

  • Theory of International Relations II
  • European Regional Scenario
  • World Economic and Political Geography
  • Human Development and Values
  • International Law
  • Foreign Language IV

Fifth Semester:

  • Regional Scenario of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Foresight and Global Governance
  • Financial Culture
  • Second Foreign Language I
  • Elective I
  • Elective II

Sixth Semester:

  • North American Regional Scenario
  • Comparative Politics
  • Quality in Organizations
  • Second Foreign Language II
  • Optional III
  • Elective IV

Seventh Semester:

  • Asia-Pacific Regional Scenario
  • International Negotiations
  • Entrepreneur Development
  • Second Foreign Language III
  • Optional V
  • Optional VI

Eighth Semester:

  • Research Seminar
  • African Regional Scenario
  • Middle East Regional Scenario
  • Second Foreign Language IV
  • Optional VII
  • Optional VIII


As a student of this program you can participate in UNINTERmun.

UNINTERmun is a simulation of the United Nations that offers students the opportunity to engage in debates, negotiations, and problem-solving on pressing global issues. Participants take on the roles of diplomats, representing various countries and advocating for their nation’s interests while striving to achieve consensus on international policies.

How to Apply

Applying to an academic exachange at UNINTER is simple:

1.- Notify your mobility coordinator at your university that you want to do an exchange at Uninter.
2.- Your coordinator will send your data to Uninter.
3.-  Uninter will contact you via email to ask you for the following requirements and start your application:

  • Application Form (online)
  • A Profile photo for Student ID (.jpg digital).
  • Intention Letter.
  • Learning Agreement Before Mobility
  • Image usage release
  • Proof of language knowledge B1 (minimum) in English or/and Spanish (dependingon the courses you will attend).
  • Once students get their Admission Letter
  • Flight schedule.
  • International insurance policy covering repatriation costs

Contact Us

  • Website: Uninter
  • Email:
  • Phone: +52  777 317 1087 EXT. 210

We look forward to welcoming you to the Uninter family!

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