Literary “Calaveritas” English Classes

In order of the celebrations for this beautiful tradition of ours. Students from levels 7 and 8 wrote some exciting and funny literary calaveritas. Imagine how hard it is to write and find a rime in Spanish, now doing it in English and giving it the irony and poetic scent they usually have… that my mate is a Challenge!

Here we share some of the best ones:

Level 7

Bones in class
The teacher was dancing with her students
While celebrating the day of the dead
Full of imprudence
From far away the death begins to read
The English test full of red

The reaper approached the teacher
And said I don’t want any more reprobates
No more stalemates
If I wasn’t going to reach her

Never mind, she said
At last, I will be able to rest
On my comfortable bed
My kids are the best
I will not approve of them
Even if they give me chewing gum

Level 8

Food, music, and drinks
To remember the one who leaves
It´s that season of the year
When you can feel souls and mates

Don´t be sad
They have arrived
Dance and laugh
While you can

At midnight, they will take their stuff
Hoping the amount, is enough
They were warned, bread and candy
To pass the gantry

Day of the dead when you can hug your departing friends
Enjoy your life, they are living through your eyes
Do not forget that someday
You will be part of them.

Level 7

Maybe you will all relate
Listen carefully, mate !
Because today is the day of the dead
And this calaverita will remain in your head

A lady came to me this one day
I observed her right away
She was tall, thin, with long hair between black and gray
When she came, I just wanted to run away

“I am La Muerte”, she said
I looked at her eyes, they were red.
Then she just directly stared.
I felt like this was my end.

“You’ve had amazing grades”
She said while looking at her own nails
“That’s why I will give you just one wish,
I’ve heard you don’t really like English!”

Then, she just disappeared
It was really weird
But the next day, the English teacher wasn’t here
So all my classmates cheered

Time went by, and students felt bad
Foreigners came, and no one could understand
“We all want to learn English so bad !”
And, just like that, the English teacher came back.

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