World Television Day

November 21 is World Television Day, a day promoted by the ONU since 1996 and which seeks to promote the responsible use of television as one of the main channels for disseminating public information.

Although for current generations, it may be thought that the Internet is the most important means of dissemination, the truth is that the web has offered television new tools and resources that, rather than displacing it, have enhanced it, such as broadcasts in direct and access to audiovisual content from anywhere and from any device.

Why celebrate this day?

The central idea of ​​this day, which can be extrapolated to the rest of the media, is that television serves as an agent for disseminating news and information that is relevant and enriching for the inhabitants of the world.

Programs that promote a culture of peace, that educate to improve the economic development capabilities of nations and that provide truthful and reliable information on important events.

These are the objectives that are pursued on a day like today, relegating and downplaying the trash TV programs that tend to flood television networks and that, far from enriching people, only serve as poor quality entertainment.

How to celebrate World Television Day?

For those who are fascinated by celebrating each holiday, today is not about sitting down to consume hours and hours of television programming, but about promoting a change in viewer culture.

Sharing information about television or digital programs that are rewarding, promote values ​​or allow the development of some type of skill or knowledge, is what is sought within the framework of this celebration.


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