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behemoth (noun, often attributive)

Titanus Behemoth by Raposaurus on DeviantArt | Behemoth, Giant monsters,  Godzilla
Behemoth (biblical beast)

Definition of behemoth

1: often capitalized, religion: a mighty animal described in Job 40:15–24 as an example of the power of God

2: something of monstrous size, power, or appearance a behemoth truck

Synonyms & Antonyms for behemoth


  • colossus
  • dinosaur
  • dreadnought
  • elephant
  • giant
  • Goliath
  • jumbo
  • leviathan
  • mammoth
  • mastodon
  • monster
  • titan
  • whale
  • whopper


  • diminutive
  • dwarf
  • half-pint
  • midget
  • mite
  • peewee
  • pygmy (also pigmy)
  • runt
  • shrimp

Did you know?

In the biblical book of Job, Behemoth is the name of a powerful grass-eating, river-dwelling beast with bones likened to bronze pipes and limbs likened to iron bars. Scholars have speculated that the biblical creature was inspired by the hippopotamus, but details about the creature’s exact nature are vague.

The word first passed from Hebrew into Latin, where, according to 15th century English poet and monk John Lydgate it referred to “a beast rude full of cursednesse.”

In modern English, behemoth mostly functions as an evocative term for something of monstrous size, power, or appearance.

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