World Penguin Day

World Penguin Day is a celebratory and educational initiative that encourages people to learn more about penguins and their environment, their importance to our ecosystems and the threats they face. Want to know more about this day?

Penguins are highly adapted to aquatic life, their wings have evolved into flippers and their excellent swimming skills allow most species to dive to depths of around 200m. They’re camouflaged to protect them from predators above and below. Their shiny feathers trap air to keep them warm and help them stay afloat.

Penguin Family

History of World Penguin Day

World Penguin Day takes place during the annual northern migration of Adélie penguins, a species of penguin native to Antarctica. Adélie penguins migrate north to find better access to food during the winter months when the sea ice expands, and then return to the coastal beaches of Antarctica in the summer to build their nests.

This annual celebration of the penguins began at McMurdo Station, an American research centre on Ross Island. Researchers noticed that the Adélie penguins began their migration around this date each year, so they created World Penguin Day to mark the occasion and raise awareness of these creatures.

How to celebrate World Penguin Day

  • Read up on the different species of penguin around the world and dig out some fun facts to share with your friends and family. Documentaries are a great way to see these animals in action.
  • Take a trip to your local zoo – they’re bound to have some penguins in their care. Some even allow visitors to take part in feeding time by tossing fish to the hungry birds.

Penguins are pretty funny animals, especially when it comes to their general awkwardness on land, so be sure to have a laugh this World Penguin Day!




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