Halloween Horror Stories

Halloween is a holiday celebrated each year on October 31, and Halloween 2021 occurred on Sunday, October 31.
The tradition originated back in time with the Celtic festival of Samhain, when people used to light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Later on, in the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints. Soon, All Saints Day incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before was known as All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween. Over time, Halloween evolved into a day of activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning costumes, eating treats, and horror stories.

Stories have been something fascinating for seasonal literature. This Halloween tradition has been adapted and mexicanized to our traditions during The Day of the Death. Based on this legend and story writing, students from high English levels redacted and shared some interesting and creepy stories, here are some of the most fascinating Halloween Horror Stories:



It was October 31st at 8:30 p.m. in Cuernavaca Morelos where the Universidad Internacional Uninter is located, which was about to close. The policeman in the main building was giving his last round to check the classrooms, bathrooms, cafeterias and every corner of the school to be sure that everything was okay so he could go home. 

He was taking his jacket and turning off his flashlight when he heard in the distance a terrifying scream. He was so scared that he dropped the flashlight that was in his hand, he quickly reached down and began to search the floor for his flashlight. Everything was very dark and the school lights began to fail, a second scream was heard but now closer to him. 

When the policeman was finally able to find his flashlight, he quickly got up, and when he turned it on he could only see how some kind of animal jumped on him. After that night the university policeman woke up at home and remembered that terrifying moment as if it had only been a dream. 

After resting for a few days and thinking about what happened, he returned to his work, he was calmer, but when he entered the building he felt a strong shiver running through his whole body. Fearfully he took his first round without noticing anything unusual. 

Later in the evening, when the school was left alone, he heard that terrifying scream again, immediately he began to feel very cold but his body was sweating from so much fear, however, he plucked up his courage, grabbed his equipment and went to the place where the scream was coming from. 

He walked slowly, full of fear imagining that the worst could happen to him, and the closer he got the louder the scream became, but now there was also a deafening noise. He turned on the lights and everything was silent, he looked around and everything seemed normal, with hurried steps he returned to his cubicle and called his colleague, he told him everything that had happened, but the partner mocked him saying that he had gone crazy. Then the watchman challenged his partner to change his shift for one night. 

The next night after changing his shift, the new policeman was just walking around the school, doing his last rounds before his shifts were over, he was still skeptical about what his partner told him, he was just laughing at him and about how a grown up man could be fooled so easily, but on his last round at the end of the school he heard the loud scream, he felt courageous and went to see what was happening. 

He walked into the last classroom of the hall to turn the light off, for some reason it was on, when he turned it off, it turned back on and off several times, he was a bit afraid now. Then he felt as if something touched him, he turned around and there it was again, the scream was loud now, leaving him with a sore in his ears. He started screaming too, crying for help and began to run through the hall, trying to reach the entrance of the school, when suddenly a huge winged creature jumped in front of him, its feathers were as dark as night but his eyes and its long tail were as bright as gold, it was like a mix of an eagle and a lion.  

He was even more afraid and in his despair he took out a razor that was kept in his pocket, he threw it to the creature, the razor made a cut on one of his wings, the creature screamed as loud as one could, it was even more angry and it scratched the back of the policeman, throwing him to the floor, where he hit his head and was left unconscious.  

The next morning, he was talking to his partner, apologizing to him for doubting what he had told him. The history teacher interrupted them, when the policeman saw her he felt a fear that he couldn’t explain, his eyes were drawn to her arm, which was clearly wounded, and he looked at her in the eyes and saw a brightness that reminded him of the creature. 

He stared at her arm for a moment, debating with himself if it was posible that she has something to do with the night creature that attacked him, trying to find a logical answer, his feelings and instincts told him that she has something to do with las night events. 

Suddenly, he came back to the conversation, when his partner touched his elbow and said goodbye to the history teacher, he did the same and they followed their way. 

Once the policemen reached the security room, the policeman who was attacked told his partner what he thought about the teacher, they were both terrified. But they both decided they had to find out what truly happened during the night, so during the night they both stayed in the school, each on with a radio on his belt and a fully charged flashlight if needed. 

“Look” said one of the policemen while he was showing an image on his cellphone to the other “It’s the same creature!” said surprised the other one. The policeman that shown the image explained that the creature was a chimera, and the only way to defeat her was stabbing her with a lead arrow while she was in her human form. Each one of the men took a lead arrow and separated to begin with chimera searching in the dark. 

While one of the men where walking thru the dark hallway looking for the creature, he hears the same scream of the other nights. With slight movements, the men took the radio of his back and with a trembling voice he called his partner “I think the creature is close, I’m in front of the computer lab” but once the men stop talking the creature showed up and attack him. The man fell on his back hitting his head, he lost consciousness at that moment.  

When the creature was about to strike the final blow, she felt a hard strike followed by the feeling of a hot liquid running down her back. She backed up in pain as she returned to her human form. Even when the wound was deep, it couldn’t kill her because she was still the creature when she was stabbed. The woman attacked the unarmed man, even in her human form she was still too strong.  While they were fighting, the other man regained consciousness and managed to attack the woman with the lead arrow. She backed up surprised at the same time that she turned into stone, and then in the dust. 

Both men were in shock, they looked at each other and with no words they left.  The next morning, the place where they had the fight remained intact, as if nothing happened. When they asked about the teacher no one seemed to remember her, it was like she never existed. 

Today, even when both of the men have the same job, they cannot speak to each other. They preferred to remember everything as a dream. 

The murder house

It was a cold and stormy night in which the Smith family traveled to a town far from the city called West Chester. The reason for their moving was that a distant relative had died. In his testament had left them a house that had been inherited for generations to the family. The house was big and old, it had five bedrooms, six bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 3 dressing rooms, a basement, an attic, and a big garden. It looked very creepy, it was in the middle of nowhere and the nearest town was 1 hour away from the house.

The Smith family was the father named Tom Smith, the mother named Claire Smith, their eldest teenage daughter named Emily Smith, and the youngest son named Peter Smith. The parents were very excited because of the new house, but the kids were upset because the house looked terrifying and they wanted to stay in their old house, near their friends and their old school. They were not ready to leave their whole life behind and change everything just because of this house.

On the first night, they dedicated themselves to know the place, choosing rooms, and organizing the things and furniture that came with the house. The master bedroom, which would be used by the parents, was a large and spacious room. It felt a little strange, there was a weird vibe in that room. But the parents did not care, it was an old house after all. The house had bedrooms for the kids. There was a room that looked like it belonged to a girl, Emily stayed there.

The room had toys, very spooky toys, like very old dolls, stuffed clowns, and teddy bears. Emily liked the room but it also had a very strange vibe. On the other hand, Peter had a room that looked like it belonged to a boy child, it
had creepy toys too. Peter was scared because the room had a very strange vibe and was terrifying. But the family was not even ready for what was about to happen

Regardless of all the strange vibes the house had, they gradually discovered that it was full of tunnels, closed rooms, and stairs that led to nowhere. As soon as they were able to settle in, the children were dying to go to town and get to know around. They took the car and headed there, they could not believe what they were seeing, lots of people with very old clothes, like from a century ago. They found it strange, but not significant, so they took the opportunity to go to the supermarket and bring some groceries. The whole town looked in terrible conditions, like a real ghost town.

After going to the town they headed back to the house to keep unloading their things and clean the house, when they arrived at the house the air turned cold and had a spooky aura, the kids were scared and didn’t want to go inside, their parents told them that nothing was wrong, that the weather in that town was like this and that they would have to get used to it.

Once inside everyone went to their rooms, except Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Smith went to the kitchen to unpack the groceries and clean the kitchen. Mr. Smith went to what appeared to be the study to prepare his things from work. Meanwhile, Mrs. Smith had finished cleaning the kitchen and got the kids ready to sleep, she put Emily and Peter each in their beds and said goodnight.

When the children fell asleep, that’s when the real terror began. Emily woke up in the middle of the night to a nightmare where she was being buried alive in her own garden… she thought it was just a bad dream until she saw herself in the mirror and found herself covered in earth and caused her a terrifying feeling, her dream had come true? She ran as fast as possible to her parents’ room to find along the corridor several peasants that the kids had seen in the village earlier. At the moment she knew that something was not right, she did not stop until she reached the room…

Once she made it to her parent’s room she immediately woke them up and explained the situation in the middle of crying screams. Her parents got shocked after seeing her all covered in mud so they got out of bed and tried to go to Peter’s room to see if everything was okay and ¡Oh surprise! When they opened the door they saw that Peter was not in his bed so they started to look for him all over the house but they couldn’t find him inside and went out of the house to see if he was there.

Indeed he was outside, while Emily and her father were looking for him in the front of the house
suddenly both heard a strong noise coming from the back of the house and it was Mrs. Smith was crying and screaming because she saw Peter, the poor boy was hanging from a tree with a rope tied around his neck.

Yes, he was murdered, and you may be thinking by who? well… remember those peasants? It turns out that they were people, but not exactly from this time, it was a town full of dead people who did not know they were dead, and as the Smith family came to town, they would never leave… If we remember the grandfather, he died of “strange Circumstances”, well they were not so strange, they had murdered him just as they would do with this family, once you enter the mansion you never leave…
The end.

Team 2:
Thamara Rodríguez Sánchez
Lizeth Mayo Chávez
Cristian Acevedo Robeldo
Monserrat García Formoso
Mónica Leilani Islas Castro
Natalie Christian Gómez De León

LID LEVEL 6 Halloween Horror Story


Hello everyone here, my name is Jacinto Ruedas 

Let me tell you about a scary story, but not just any scary story, but those that no one tells, fearing to lose their life by naming the old spirits. 

Are you ready to hear a story that will chill your soul? 


Rouinna Meclark can hear us now… 

Once upon on time in the ’50s in an old town called “Las tinajas”, where less than 100 inhabitants lived 

There was a rich man, his name was Erasmo Luga. A very womanizing man of about 48 years old, someone already very old. They say that he sexually abused all of his servants and when they became pregnant, he beat them and hung them from a tree, that is why you almost never saw women working for him, only a few old women, but Don Erasmo preferred them young. 

On several occasions, he seemed crazy because he said that he could see the faces of those poor women who begged for his life. 

Rouinna, a 22 years old beggar woman had studied black magic since her childhood. She was preparing an “embrujo” against Erasmus … 

Erasmus was sleeping quietly when a song appeared in his ear: beautiful woman with black hair, your destruction will be, go find her now! X2 

ERASMO !: (A loud voice woke up the man): 

The man woke up with a severe headache and with that song that did not leave his mind. He lit a candle and looked at himself in the mirror, there was a reflection of a dead former maid who claimed him for her death, Erasmus closed his eyes looking to his right side and there was another dead former maid with a deformed face that was bleeding from her eyes and her mouth and there was a big hole in her belly … Erasmus could not bear the presence of these spirits and he shouted at them over and over again: LEAVE ME ALONE, PLEASE! Suddenly, his candle went out and he was in the dark and he heard that song again.  

The next morning a beautiful young woman appeared at Erasmus’s house in search of work, the old women were astonished, because they thought that history would repeat itself… 

That young woman was Rouinna, who quickly got a job as a seamstress and while she was knitting she began to sing that song that had tormented Erasmus so much at night … 

He, from his room, could hear that melody again, but that voice was in his own house, who could be? He thought it was a joke and vowed to behead if he was a servant and ran through the corridors of hir house and heard that voice getting closer to his, and found Rouinna who had a big black dress, with her hair down, calm and weaving … 

Erasmo, in his despair and knew that the girl was singing, took her neck and began to choke her, insisting that she sing the song and she replied: 

-I don’t know what my lord is talking about 

The man could notice the innocence of that young woman, so he stopped hurting her. 

The man was moving away from a little when he heard the same song, and this time he clearly saw that Rouinna was singing. 

Rouinna laughed out loud when she saw that the old man bowed to her song and better still, he could not do something, because the pain was intense from the song. 

So she came up to him singing and said: 

-Do you remember Salma Pimeck, the woman you left dead on the way out of town? She was my mom! 

She then takes a small knife that was under her skirt and takes out Don Erasmo’s left eye. He begged for his life, so Rouinna stopped … and that man offered him anything in exchange for his life. 

She mentioned: I knew you’d bring it up, so let’s get married tomorrow night! Tomorrow I will come looking for you! Ahhh, your eye!  (and she took Erasmus’s eye and swallowed it in two bites) and she disappeared without a trace… 

Terrified, Erasmus went to his room to pack and escape, (the lights were dim) and saw shadows that stalked him: YOU CANNOT RUN AWAY! X1000 

THINK THINK!- He said to himself, while he put a patch on his eye. So he decided to make a pact with Satan that night. Don Erasmo wanted to be stronger than that young witch, but the demon with a hoarse voice replied: “I am less strong than she, I can do little for you.” Feeling the defeat that man, he asked Satan a curse for the woman in case she killed him, in exchange for his soul, the demon agreed and made him sign with his blood. 

The next day, Erasmus was dressed in a wedding suit and his face looked like awake. He gathered all of his workers and asked everyone to work very hard and take care of his home. Nobody knew what was happening, but they decided not to ask, there were only murmurs between them, why a wedding suddenly? What was special about that young seamstress that made him come to his senses by a marriage? 

It was midnight, everything was ready for the wedding, Erasmus was distraught, something was witnessing the end of him. 


Without further ado, Erasmus signed … 

Rouinna asked to make a toast with all the guests (the workers) and they all died, except the old maids, Erasmus was in shock and asked: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ?! 

And she replied: “SWEET DEATH”, nailing a knife in his chest, Erasmus bled to death and with the last smile, he said: “You are born a demon, you will die a demon and my curse will fall on your belly”.- having said that, he died. 

Rouinna began to feel strange things in her belly, but ignored it, so she ordered the maids to undress the bodies of all the dead and continue her party. Yes, she had a little twisted mind and yes, she had her wedding night with a corpse .

3 months passed and Rouinna, now the owner of Don Erasmo’s house, began to notice that her belly grew, until she realized that she was pregnant, how was it possible? That’s right, that curse against Rouinna said that she would be pregnant again every time she gave birth, and if she decided to raise children, one of them would kill her, that is why Rouinna murdered each baby: she would take out their eyes, he threw them into boiling oil, suffocated them, etc. 

The only sign that assured her that her children were dead was her heart: if they all died. Rouinna’s heart would not beat, if one lived, their hearts would beat in an unusual way, but until a baby turned 18 years. She knew all of this. through a visit from the demon, who mocked her failure. 

Rouinna was going for the 9th birth, so the maids, already desperate for all the deaths of the babies, decided to hide this new baby that was about to be born. 

Previously, Rouinna could give birth alone and so kill her babies, but now it was different, she had enormous pain that she asked for help from her servants, they helped her and Rouinna was so weak that she did not know about the baby, so they told her that this he was stillborn. 

She soon she recovered in expectation of another baby… 

18 years later, Rouinna’s heartbeat, was the beginning of great despair. 

Rouinna murdered her servants by cutting off their heads with an ax and now she set out to look for the young man, called Arteneo, her son. 

Arteneo was a child who grew up in a family of farmers and his job was to take care of the sheep, when his heartbeat for the first time, his parents told him about the rumors of a certain Rouinna and a strange heartbeat, so they warned him already that I would possibly look for it. 

Rouinna was desperate, so she ordered all 18 year olds to be burned, except the one with a strange heartbeat. 

Everyone in town was alarmed and terrified because there would be blood in those days. 

And so it was, every Friday afternoon the bodies of the young people were burned, everyone feared the wrath of the witch and no one could do anything, huge snakes devoured an entire family if they refused to burn their son. 

Arteneo, forcibly had to go, when he was present at the place, 

Rouinna’s heart raced a little more, so they were soon facing to face. 

Rouinna only cared about one thing about that young man: his heart. 

Arteneo did intend to kill her, but the wicked witch began to sing a song that would make anyone sleep, the young man could feel how the woman took him by the neck of her, stabbing her heart … 

Arteneo just hugged her tightly and said: “DON’T FORGET THAT I’M ALSO LIKE YOU” and she threw herself together with her mother into the fire that was prepared to burn all the young people … 

From that day on, cries of the Rouinna which are heard in the town, the laments of all the babies and servants who were murdered are heard. 

They say that other babies may have survived and may have been born cursed. 

I can only tell you that in the neighboring town, “Las praderas” there is a little girl whose heart still does not beat and sings a song: beautiful woman with black hair, your destruction will be, go find her now! 

And she says that she is looking for her brothers to kill them.  

Be careful, you could be one of his brothers! 

Anyway, don’t listen to me, they’re just old stories! 

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