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recidivism (noun)

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Definition of recidivism

  • a tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior
  • especiallyrelapse into criminal behavior


  • backsliding.
  • relapse.
  • decadence.
  • declension.
  • decline.
  • degeneration.
  • descent.
  • deterioration.


  • ascent.
  • betterment.
  • improvement.
  • increase.
  • rise.

Did you know?

The re- in recidivism is the same re- in relapse and return, and like those words recidivism is about going back: it’s a tendency to relapse, especially into criminal behavior. 

Recidivism is a 19th-century French borrowing that’s ultimately from a Latin word meaning “to relapse into sin or crime.”

In borrowing recidivism, English was itself engaging in a kind of recidivism: the same Latin source of recidivism had been nabbed in the 16th century to form the much less common recidivate, meaning “to fall into or exhibit recidivism.”

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