We want to share with you interesting facts about ecology, the environment and the way in which we can become aware to contribute to the protection and conservation of our planet, the only one we have, our home.

10 interesting facts about ecology

  1. About a million plastic bags are used every minute in the world.
  2. It may take up to 1,000 years for nature to eliminate plastic.
  3. A normal light bulb can lose up to 90% of the energy it emits in the form of heat, and not light.
  4. Put on a sweater or dress warmer! In this way, excessive use of heating in homes is reduced and the presence of more than 400 kg of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere each year can be avoided.
  5. The countries that emit the most carbon dioxide into the atmosphere are China, India, the United States and Russia.
  6. The trash most found in the sea are cigarettes and plastic bottles.
  7. Due to the increase in temperatures, tropical diseases are beginning to appear in countries that previously had no incidence.
  8. If the poles melted, some areas like Florida (USA) would be completely covered with water, but there would also be other habitable areas further north.
  9. Thousands of tons of plastic float in the world’s oceans, this causes fish, turtles and birds to consume it.
  10. The fact that animals consume plastic means that there are more and more species in danger of extinction and that human beings themselves become contaminated because they feed on animals that have ingested plastic.



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