The Bengali New Year 2024

The Bengali New Year 2024, also known as Polia Baisakh, is celebrated in the Indian state of West Bengal and the Bengali-speaking regions of India and Bangladesh.

This colorful festival marks the beginning of the Bengali calendar year and is a time for new beginnings, cultural performances, and delicious traditional food.

In 2024, Polia Baisakh or Bengali New falls on April 15th, which coincides with the New Year’s Day as per the traditional Bengali calendar.

Poila Baishakh Meaning

  • The term ‘Poila Baisakh’ is derived from the Bengali words Poila, meaning first, and Baisakh, which is the first month of the Bengali calendar.
  • It symbolizes the beginning of the agricultural season when farmers start plowing their fields and sow seeds.

How is Bengali New Year celebrated?

Known as Poila Baisakh, is celebrated with immense enthusiasm and traditional fervor in West Bengal, Bangladesh, and among the Bengali communities worldwide.

  • Early Morning Rituals: The day begins with an early morning ritual bath, known ad Mahashnan.
  • Wearing New Clothes: Poila Baisakh is an ocassion for people to wear new clothes. Women typically wear traditional whote saris with red borders, Laal Paar Sari while men wear dhoti-kurta or panjabi.
  • Decoration: Homes and establishments are decorated with alpana (floral designs) and rangoli patterns to welcome the new year. Mango leaves and flowers are used to adorn the entrances, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune.

As Bengali New Year is celebrated by people of different faiths and is a cultural more than religious holiday, many of the activities are enjoyed by all, even by non-Bengalis and visitors from other parts of India or from abroad.




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