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frolic adjective

frol·​ic | \ ˈfrä-lik \

Definition of frolic 1:

full of fun : MERRY
Contrasting the stern anxiety of his present mood with the frolic spirit of the preceding year …

— Nathaniel Hawthorne
frolic verb
frolicked; frolicking

Definition of frolic 2

intransitive verb
1: to amuse oneself: make merry
I didn’t choose the school so I could frolic in the quad
— Hugh Gallagher
2: to play and run about happily: ROMP
children frolicking in the park
frolic noun

Definition of frolic 3

1: a playful or mischievous action
2a: an occasion or scene of fun: PARTY

Synonyms & Antonyms for frolic

Synonyms: Adjective

  • bouncy, 
  • bubbly, 
  • buoyant, 
  • crank
  • effervescent, 
  • exuberant, 
  • frolicsome, 
  • gamesome, 
  • gay, 
  • high-spirited, 
  • vivacious

Synonyms: Verb

  • caper, 
  • cavort, 
  • disport, 
  • frisk, 
  • gambol, 
  • sport

Synonyms: Noun

  • antic, 
  • caper, 
  • capriccio, 
  • dido, 
  • escapade, 
  • gag, 
  • jest, 
  • knavery, 
  • monkeyshine(s), 
  • practical joke, 
  • prank, 
  • rag
  • roguery, 
  • shavie
  • shine(s), 
  • trick, 
  • waggery

Antonyms: Adjective

  • low-spirited, 
  • sullen

Did you know?

Frolic is a word rooted in pleasure. Its most common function today is as a verb meaning “to play and run about happily,” as in “children frolicking in the waves,” but it joined the language in the 16th century as an adjective carrying the meaning of its Dutch source vroolijk: “full of fun; merry.” Shakespeare’s Puck used it this way in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, saying “And we fairies … following darkness like a dream, now are frolic.” Verb use quickly followed, and by the early 17th century the word was also being used as a noun, as in “an evening of fun and frolic.”

Examples of frolic in a Sentence


the frolic atmosphere that envelops New Orleans during Mardi Gras


We watched the seals as they frolicked in the harbor. children frolicking in the yard


We went out for a frolic in the sun. an evening of fun and frolic


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