A vision board to plan your goals

When a new year begins all of us want to create new habits, travel around the world, buy those things that we always wanted or the most common… go to the gym. During the year we forget to achieve these goals that we set up to ourselves. How can we focus on these objectives? How do you organize them? Let’s learn about a strategy that you can follow to have a year full of achievements.


A vision board is a pannel where you can put some pictures, colors, phrases or words that represent what you want to be, to feel, to do or to have in your life. The vision board is a tool that is going to help us to be clear in our goals and most important to keep us focus in the achieve of them.

When you are writing a vision board is very important that you are focus in what you want to put in it. Because most of the time, we just write a desire ina barely way, in this kind of goals you need to be very specific in order to keep your mind focus.

For example, insted of just saying “I want to finish my career.” You can write “I finished my career on July 2024.” “I have the best grades of my class.” or “I am working already.”

Once that you are writing you can close your eyes in order to see yourself in the moment of the goal that you are thinking


With the pass of the months and the rythm of our everyday life obviously we easily forget our gols, thats why you need to put your vision board in a place where you can see it every day and keep your mind focus on what you want to achieve at a certain point in the year.

You need to give a look at your vision board every single day!

How to create a vision board?

  • Define your objectives.
  • Get some pictures related to them.
  • Choose a good place to put your vision board.
  • Pick a good canvas to organize your vision board.

With these advices we hope that you can have your goals clear by making a vision board. Let’s go and achieve all of them!!!

Have a happy new year 2024!

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